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Issues arise in the administration of estates and trusts requiring representation of executors, trustees, heirs and beneficiaries in litigation. RHR’s trial attorneys provide these litigation services as needed in tandem with its transactional attorneys working for executors and trustees.

Sometimes when a loved one dies the family or other would be beneficiaries may feel that the loved one has been subjected to undue influence by a third party or that the loved one was incompetent to execute a will. A “caveat” is a special type of lawsuit contesting the validity of a will. The party contesting the will is called the Caveator and the party supporting the will is called the Propounder. RHR’s attorneys have vigorously represented their clients as both Caveators and Propounders in jury trials and are experienced in the nuances of this type of litigation including the review of medical and nursing home records.

The following attorney practices in this area of law:

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