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Condemnation FAQs


What is condemnation in North Carolina?

Eminent Domain, Government Taking, Condemnation

Public Taking

Who has the authority to initiate condemnation proceedings in North Carolina?

Government Taking

Condemnation Process

What is the process of eminent domain in North Carolina?

What's the Process?

Money for Public Taking

What is just compensation in North Carolina?

What am I owed?

Challenge the Government's appraisal

Can I challenge a condemnation action in North Carolina?

Let's Fight Back!

Determine Value

How is fair market value determined in North Carolina condemnation cases?

How do we decide a value?

Property Owner Rights

What are my rights as a property owner during condemnation proceedings in North Carolina?

How is the Property Owner Proected?

Farm Agriculture

Are there any special considerations for agricultural land in North Carolina condemnation cases?

Farm Land Valuation


What happens if I disagree with the offered compensation in North Carolina?

Contested Amount

Time limits

Are there time limits for filing a claim in North Carolina condemnation cases?

Move quick


Can a property owner negotiate the terms of the condemnation in North Carolina?

What can you offer?


I see Roberson, Haworth & Reese is located in High Point. Will you only take cases in that geographical area?

Where in NC?


How much do the condemnation attorneys at Roberson, Haworth & cost? How are the attorneys compensated?

What is the legal cost?

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