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Condemnation or eminent domain proceedings occur when the government (state, county, municipal and certain other authorities) exercises its power to take property from private owners for public use or benefit. The United States Constitution requires that “just compensation” must be paid to an owner whose property has been taken by the government through eminent domain. The amount of such compensation must be determined through due process. The measure of just compensation is generally considered to be fair market value based on the acquired property’s potential highest and best use, not just its current use.


Property owners are not required to accept the government’s offer or deposit but may instead resort to having just compensation determined by a jury. RHR’s attorneys are experienced in trying condemnation cases before juries, utilizing appraisers to deal with issues of valuation and obtaining just compensation for their clients. RHR’s attorneys have represented landowners, municipalities and water authorities in this area of the law. Their goal is always to provide competent, skillful and cost effective services for their clients.

The following attorney practices in this area of law:

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