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Why Choose RHR?

At RHR, we are individual talents working with a collective energy. It’s our belief that our clients deserve to be represented by the full strength and abilities of our entire firm. When a client comes to an RHR attorney for help and advice, that client gets more than just an individual lawyer – they get the unique talents of the entire RHR team. Our team has decades of experience addressing a large number of legal issues, both routine and complex. We have the resources to represent you effectively and efficiently, and in a manner that produces results. At the same time, we’re not so large that any of our clients get overlooked. Each and every RHR client receives the same collective expertise that we offer, regardless of the issue we are hired to address.


RHR is over 95 years old, but make no mistake… we don’t act like it. Our longevity is directly attributable to our devotion to this community and to our clients. We communicate with our clients. We have embraced technology in ways that similarly situated firms have not yet adopted. We communicate with our clients. We work together to ensure that our clients receive 100% of the experience that our attorneys bring to the table. We communicate with our clients. We have embraced a billing model that ensures all RHR clients have a clear understanding of anticipated costs in any given matter. And, have we mentioned, that we communicate with our clients? We tell our clients what we think. We make recommendations. We execute the game plan that our clients outline.

What are RHR's fees?

This is not an easy question to answer. Each matter is handled differently. A personal injury matter might be handled on a contingency basis. The preparation of an estate plan may carry a flat fee. Contentious litigation may incur hourly billable fees. Regardless of the reason you have sought legal representation, each of our clients participate in an engagement agreement where our collective expectations are clearly outlined. No work on your case is started unless you have a clear understanding of the potential costs of our representation, and until you sign off on your agreement to engage our firm.

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