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RHR can handle all bankruptcy matters which might affect your business, no matter how sophisticated or routine. This includes dealing with bankruptcies, creditor rights, foreclosures, collections, and work-outs. Our attorneys represent clients in matters under all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code as well as under other federal and state laws. Members of this group have an extensive range of experience handling bankruptcy, insolvency and preference litigation in all state and federal courts in North Carolina.

Specifically, RHR can provide the following services:

  • Preventive structuring of transactions and relationships to minimize adverse impacts of subsequent insolvency or bankruptcy

  • Negotiation, modification, and restructuring of difficult lending or other credit relationships

  • Representation of trustees, creditors and creditor committees in all aspects of all types of bankruptcy proceedings

  • Representation of lenders in order to protect their interests and collateral, including work-outs and obtaining relief from the automatic stay

  • Representing claimants and respondents in preference, fraudulent transfer, and other avoidance actions, setoff and reclamation claims, discharge and dischargeability matters, and executory contracts and leases

  • Litigation relating to foreclosure, lien enforcement, reclamation, claim and delivery, and attachment,

  • Representation of lenders in litigation relating to claims by debtors of impropriety or breach of duties in performance and enforcement of loan obligations

The following attorneys practice in this area of law:

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