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“It’s our belief that our clients deserve to be represented by the full strength and abilities of our entire firm. When a client comes to an RHR attorney for help and advice, that client gets more than just an individual lawyer – they get the unique talents of the entire RHR team.

RHR has forged a tradition based on anticipating the needs of and serving our clients through their entire legal process. We believe that our clients deserve and expect that type of support.

Our team strives to provide supportive, resource-driven representation. Whether you are buying a home, writing a contract, or engaging in complex litigation, the broad range of RHR’s resources and expertise will be included in our protection of your interests.”  


The attorneys of RHR are knowledgeable in a broad range of practice areas. We know the law, and we have the practical experience to back it up. We represent individuals in the community, small businesses, and multi-million dollar corporations on a daily basis. Each client of RHR receives equal treatment and representation, because each client of RHR receives the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Peer & Client Recognition

RHR does not maintain a marketing or advertising budget, which means that all of our clients come to us based on our reputation state-wide. This reputation has been earned by effectively representing our clients against other law firms around the state of North Carolina. Our clients return to RHR again and again to continue receiving superior representation. Other law firms refer new clients to RHR, because they know the attorneys in our firm have both the work ethic, and the experience, to earn a new client’s trust.   

Modern, Efficient Methods

In our experience, too many law firms have been slow to adapt to our ever changing, and technologically advancing world. We reject this business model. For decades, RHR has become a first adopter of new technologies and, in fact, has embraced technology as a tool to help us serve our clients more efficiently. In our many years of practice, we've identified and rejected outdated methods in the practice of law. This model allows RHR to provide effective legal representation on a state-wide basis. 

Honest, Upfront Billing

We believe that our clients are assets to be cared for and protected.  The attorneys at RHR are not in the business of selling you a product; rather, we are selling ourselves as your legal representative. This duty is unending, yet extremely rewarding. Too often, we’ve seen clients of other firms who have not been provided a clear understanding of the finances involved, or who have never been provided a comprehensive analysis of the risks and benefits of an upcoming transaction.  This lack of communication inevitably causes confusion and dissatisfaction - two feelings that clients of RHR should never experience.

At RHR, you will not only receive knowledgeable legal advice and recommendations, but, as the decision-maker, you will also receive a broad spectrum of the decisions you may face, the possible risks and rewards of each choice, and a complete understanding of the potential costs you may incur. While legal representation is admittedly not always inexpensive, we strive to provide honest, upfront estimations of your costs, with a sharp eye toward providing you with the greatest value possible. 

Honest Risk Assessment

Legal representation - whether it's a negotiation over a disputed contract, a home purchase, a business purchase, or a full-scale lawsuit - always involves some facet of risk.  The attorneys at RHR will never fail to apprise you of the risks you may face in our legal representation of your interests.  Before we agree to represent you or your company, our clients receive a complete understanding all the potential benefits and risks involved in our recommended course of action.  We aim to provide you with the tools necessary to make an informed decision regarding your legal representation.  

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